The Standard - Protector Advantage

Protector Platinum

Worth Protecting
What's your most valuable asset? If you stop and think, you'll probably realize it's your income.  Your ability to earn a living is worth protecting with the best insurance plan you can own.  

Standard Insurance Company designed Protector Platinum Individual income insurance to offer the most comprehensive income protection available.

Exceptional Value
You may be surprised to find that this groundbreaking policy is also an exceptional value. 

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Protector Essential

An Essential Asset
Your ability to earn a living is an essential asset. Your home, your car - even the grocieries you buy and the clothes you wear - are most likely made possible by your income.

But what if a disabling illness or injury limited your ability to work? Could you support your family, your home and your lifestyle?

Focus on Recovering
Standard Insurance Company designed Protector Essential Individual Disibility Income Insurance to be an affordable way to protect your most fundamental assets in the event of a long-term injury or illness - so that you can focus on recovering and rebuilding a productive work life.

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Your DI Experts!
Your DI Experts!
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